• Million Times

Bern Kelly – The Last Thing EP

Bern Kelly - The Last Thing EP



“I had met producer Derek Garten a few years back and we discussed making a record of some sorts for quite a while. We share the same ideas about a good pop song, so I really wanted to try to come up with some straight ahead roots-pop. The core of both “The Last Thing” and “Not Coming Home” came fairly easy. They both went through various changes before tracking…plenty of bridges and keys later they got to where they are now. “Million Times” was picked off of a large group of demos I had sent Derek. He took the sketch of a tune and created what I think is the sonic centerpiece of the EP. Finally, the plan for “First Time I Lied” was to leave just enough space for the piano and horns to drive it all the way home.

I was lucky to have the group of players that made this come to life. Travis Vance and Mike Walter created the monster pocket of which we built upon. Travis also wins the utility award for bass, organ, and lap steel contributions. Gregg Wetzel stamped “First Time I Lied” with his blues piano signature and perfectly captured the attitude of the song. In true Nashville style, Jamison Sevitts cut the horns within minutes of the call.. although it helped he happened to live down the block. Leticia Wolf’s backups on “The Last Thing” were the final piece to that puzzle. Russ Pahl’s pedal steel took the ambiance of “Million Times” to new heights. Big thanks to all.”


Bern Kelly