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Olympia – EP

Olympia - EP


“Olympia is made up of ex-members of two truly underrated emo/rock bands in Brand New Disaster and Fairweather. The influence of Fairweather bandmates Peter Tsouras (guitar/vocals) and Shane Johnson (drums) is all over Olmpia’s debut. From the beginning you can see obvious similarities musically between Olympia and Fairweather. Brand New Disaster singer Phil Williams handles the vocal duties and does a fantastic job. I never noticed the similarities between his vocals and Jay Littleton of Fairweather. They both are dynamic singers quite capable of carrying a band on their shoulders. Williams never needs to do that here though. While not as instantly dynamic as Fairweather’s last work, Olympia streamlines that particular sound with solid results. Sadly enough, bands are simply not playing this style much anymore. That only allows Olympia to stand out with a distinct, yet familiar sound. Fairweather’s demise came at an untimely end. The band was on the cusp of something great I believe. They had commited to taking the emo/rock sound to atmospheric heights rarely seen before. Olympia, while perhaps not picking up right where Fairweather left off, do give promise to what Fairweather forecasted years ago.”