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Pico Vs Island Trees – Futura

Pico Vs Island Trees - Futura


Pico Vs. Island Trees’ Futura EP



Though the funk undercurrent remains, it’s subdued beneath a pop veneer, content to offer a jazzy, light-footed backdrop for agile melodies. Lead singer Bryan Carter’s croon at times feels a tad pat and cloying (“Last Hit”), and the late-night ’70s soft rock vibe of the piano-driven “Able Bodies” feels tired enough to be suffering from jet lag. The hooks are durable, though. At its best, the radio-ready modern pop paean “Sugar Rush,” watercolor synth, a bubbly guitar riff and insistent vocal harmonies coalesce into something you not only wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio but are pretty sure you already have.

While its ambitions are modest and rather conventional, it’s difficult to quibble with the execution, which offers bright, tasteful adult contemporary fare. While deeply informed by ’70s soul pop and soft rock, it manages to sound more fresh and vibrant than dated or derivative.