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Spiderfighter – A Tribute To Superdrag

Spiderfighter - A Tribute To Superdrag


“In honor of one of the best powerpop bands to ever grace the planet, Double D Records is proud to announce the release of “A Tribute To Superdrag”. Filled to the brim with 22-tracks of unique takes on some of Superdrag’s finest, the artists involved tackle tracks from all of your favorite Superdrag releases. From the acoustic “N.A. Kicker” and a stripped down folk-tinged cover of “Keep It Close To Me”; to a sweeping, lush “Art of Dying”; a heart-wrenching “In The Valley of Dying Stars”; to the full on rock-your-face-off version of “Staggering Genius” – the album delivers. Plus an interesting mix of female vocalists lend their talents to some old favorites, to bring a whole new life to classic songs. This tribute will definitely be impossible to resist for anyone who has ever rocked out to a Superdrag show or record. The lyrics of John Davis stand up and shine when covered by such a wide variety of great bands – who at heart are all huge fans of the great band that was Superdrag. We stuffed 22-tracks of powerpop perfection on this disc and we are sure you will agree – this is definitely a fitting tribute to the real “Kings of Pop” – Superdrag!”