glam_roomWhile most studios are sealed off from the real world, PRIMERECORDING has plenty of windows that provide natural light to help your creativity flow.

We have a full inventory of microphones and mic pre-amps of varying character and color, in addition to a plethora of outboard compression, EQ and effects. If you don’t see something you need, we can rent it and have it available for your session.

The main tracking room, affectionately known as “The Glam Room,” is our largest tracking space. At 12.5′ x 25′ featuring 12′ ceilings, The Glam Room is an amazing live room with it’s own colorful personality. We love it for drum tracking, but The Glam Room is more than large enough to accommodate multiple musicians.

Our second tracking space is known as “The Nashville Room.” The Michael Cronin-designed acoustic treatment/bass traps create a much tighter, controlled tracking environment that’s ideal for vocals, guitars, and smaller acoustic groups.

In addition to our two tracking rooms, we also have a 7′ x 13′ isolation booth for additional vocal tracking, guitar/bass cabinets, Leslies, etc.