“I’ve had the pleasure of making working with Derek on 5 records, and every one I had a blast making. He is my go-to guy, hands down. I have unusual recording techniques, and Derek always goes out of his way to make sure everything sounds the best it can without interfering with my bizarre process. Best ears in town.”

Ross Wariner of Uncle Skeleton / Kindercastle

“Working with Derek Garten was a thrill.  He was extremely fast on the computer, had a ton of constructive, creative input as well and upped the quality of our mixes ten-fold.  We definitely plan on recording with him again soon!”

Patrick Keenan of The Winter Sounds

“Derek Garten is without a doubt one of the fastest editors in Nashville.  He excels at fully conceiving a project from start to finish, and never balks at or inhibits creative ideas.  In fact, he’s often the rock that makes the more adventurous ideas prosper.  After 6 years of working with him, I must note that he is possibly most impressive when it comes to mixing an album.  There are many great recording engineers in Nashville, but few people can capture the soul of the tracks, edit them with a musicians sense and feel, and creatively mix them, all the while operating under the role of producer.”

Ben Jacoby of Parachute Musical